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When it comes to massage therapy, you have a number of choices. That includes right here at Oasis Spa, where you can get multiple treatment styles, including hot stone or deep tissue massage. All of these techniques have their foundation in Swedish massage, perhaps the most popular form today. And in just one session, you can see why. The Swedish massage technique utilizes kneading and gliding strokes, tapping, and bending and stretching to relax muscles and joints, and rejuvenate the body.

- Relieve muscle pain

- Increase blood flow and circulation

- Relieve stress

- Increase flexibility

- Relieve arthritis pain

- Promote scar tissue healing

When you’re feeling stressed or tired, or if you’re suffering from pain in the muscles or joints, Swedish massage offers you full-body relief. Let us help you re-energize, relieve stress, and reduce pain with this classic therapeutic technique.

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Feel rejuvenated

Ease tension and improve circulation with our Swedish massage therapy. A certified massage therapist with over 8 years of experience will help you feel reinvigorated.

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What Swedish massage can do for you

A classic relaxation technique